4 Months to go – How to plan a School photo shoot?

I had a lovely morning today at Archbishop Temple School, the main item on the agenda was to work with them to plan a photoshoot shoot.  We had a fantastic morning working together and I’m pleased to say we had a very productive meeting and I am now ready to work our findings up into a full shoot schedule.

As I was driving back to the studio I thought about all of the recons for School photo shoots I have conducted over the years and how enjoyable and different I find them at each school. However, there is a general pattern to the success of a productive plan and I thought it might be useful to share with you how we do this here at Lore Creative:

  • Ascertain the overall goal; is there a particular element/angle our client would like to highlight? Examples include: sport, academia, facilities and grounds, pastoral,  teaching, happy children etc.  Sometimes a mixture of these all these!
  • Once we know the goal I’ll often spend some time just discussing the style of photography.We find that our clients (more often than not) want natural looking shots, but understand that some preparation maybe needed to go into setting locations up (for example, tidy a classroom, complete that display board etc.) just to really showcase the School in each photograph.
  • Next on the list is a tour around the School, this is the bit I love!Each school I visit will have their own USP’s and this tour picks them out.  Often my guide will have a list of approximately six highlights. For example: new science labs, the art room and its great displays, an outdoor area where the pupils gather at break, recently refurbished library, their media suite and extra-curricular Robotics club.  These are noted as key points for our photo shoot list around the school for the new website and prospectus.
  • As we are walking around and being shown these highlights, I look out for any hidden gems, any areas that I don’t often see in other schools, anything that will set their photography apart. This might be a small area of one particular classroom that stands out, a wall display that would make an interesting and vibrant ‘arty’ photo, an experiment or class task that would work really well on camera and isn’t often seen etc.
  • I will then write up my notes in more detail with scenario suggestions and help with students numbers and return them to the school with allocated time suggestions for each shot i.e. library shot 15mins, media suite 20mins, art room 30mins….
  • Putting this into the day to day running of the school is the final piece for a great shoot!


I can’t wait for the photo shoot in two weeks!


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Post by Sarah