6 months and counting until your Autumn Open Days…

With the beginning of March here, it is the time of year in our studio when the countdown to School Autumn Open days begins!

This six month window to get everything in place to impress those all-important prospective parents and pupils in September gives you a great chance to create a brilliant first impression.

You’ve heard the saying ‘the early bird gets the worm’?

Well, being nice and early and planning from six months out allows you the best of all worlds…


First Impressions count:

Having the time to plan and execute your autumn open days allows you greater choice in selecting what your ‘first impression’ is going to look like, and given that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression – its important!

Starting the process in March means that we can work with you from now, until Easter and work out an exact ‘plan of attack’ for your marketing; be it prospectus, website, photography, videography, signage, advertising, banners and tablecloths or all the above!

For many of your prospective parents and pupils open days are the first time they will meet you and your School and begin to form an impression of you and the services you’re offering, this is why its so important to make a good first impression.


Your pick of the dates:

Starting the planning process in March allows you the first pick at all the important dates for the project i.e. booking photo shoots or video shoot on the best day of term for your school. The summer term is by far the most popular time for photography – your School site is fresh and in full bloom and the summer light allows brighter shots all round. Fixing a date between exams and School leavers etc… can become difficult so starting the planning off now allows you the all important chance to secure the dates that suit you the best.


“It was so refreshing working with Lore Creative. They spent time understanding exactly what we needed and the end result was fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble. We will certainly be using Lore Creative in the future.”

Heanorgate Science College


Freedom and time to make the best choices for your School:

Choosing how your new School prospectus, brand or website will look is an exciting time for all involved; with print features changing and new technologies available we believe starting your project six months from when it is needed allows you the freedom and time to fully explore all the options available to you.

We will work with you looking at all sorts of different design styles, print finishes, material features, typography uses, page layouts and website navigations tools – there is lots to explore! We love this part of the project! We will show you all the options available and have fun discussing all the possibilities. Allowing yourself the time to immerse yourself in all of the offerings means that when a decision is made, you will be confident that it is the right choice for your school’s marketing.

We’d love to hear from you, give us a call on 01522 413795 or contact us to get started!

Post by Trevor