How to create a quality prospectus on a budget

This is a question I, understandably, get asked quite a lot in meetings these days. With many Schools being under tight budget constraints they often find it difficult to justify the spend on a new prospectus or website for the School.

However, School marketing need not cost the earth and we work hard here at Lore Creative to come up with budget saving options that do not compromise the quality of the finished product.

In a meeting earlier this week when asked just how we go about achieving this, I set out some samples and explained that there are various ways;

  • Print finishes; Shopping around between our suppliers allows us to do all the hard work for you and search out best priced matt, silk, gloss or recycled stock you may be wanting.  We use a number of FSC accredited printers for just this reason.
  • Advise on size;  Different size prospectuses will go through printing presses with a number of different pages fitting on a single sheet. We can advise you particular sizes to best to economise  your print run.  E.g. You might be able to fit 10 copies of a  210x210mm square prospectuses to one sheet, but only 6 copies of an A4 landscape.
  • Another option to consider to help reduce the overall cost is whether or not to have a glued Pocket/flap on the inside of the back cover of the prospectus?  It used to be that prospectuses carried so many compulsory documents that a pocket came as standard, but currently more schools are choosing to keep the policies and similar content online and remove the pocket which saves a significant amount of money and allow the Prospectus to be a more general overview of the school
  • Economies of scale are an important consideration – whether you wish to update the content every year and reprint annually or whether you want a prospectus to last 3years before being updated.  We will work with you to discuss these points and show you costs for both options.
  • Digitally printed prospectuses can be produced in shorter runs i.e. x100-x500copies.  Digital print has improved rapidly recently and to the untrained eye you would not notice a difference anymore between the two.
  • Many schools are now opting for a digital or online prospectus, where print isn’t needed and we can discuss whether this option would suit your School and show you the price reduction for cutting the print work out.
  • Our expert knowledge of the field; our dedication to working in education, allows us to offer our clients reduced billing hours as less time is needed to re-iterate school nuances, nicely keeping overall costs down.

We’d love to hear from you, give us a call on 01522 413795 or contact us to get started!

Post by Sarah