Marketing to specifically target Year 5 students and their parents

In a recent meeting, I was discussing with the School Business Manager how best to increase footfall in their Summer/Autumn open days.  They acknowledged that once they got potential parents/pupils through the door that their Headteacher and School left a positive impression – but the question put to me was:


“How do we get people though the door that wouldn’t normally consider us?”


This question reminded me of something that happened a week ago and we got to talking about my eldest daughter, who is currently in year 5 and a prime candidate for our discussion.  I mentioned that a group of my daughter’s friends are starting to talk about a school that my husband and I haven’t even got on our radar as an option.


When my daughter approached me about the School some of her friends are thinking about, I had to hold my hands up and say “ your Dad and I don’t think it’s the right school for you”, “why” came the reply…… “hmmmmm”.  I didn’t really have a solid answer, just bits I had heard on the rumor mill, the pretty lackluster first impression I gauged from their website, ‘not great’ value added and the general lack of any ‘positive’ information being sent our way.


We have two main schools in the running (in our eyes) and two ‘runners up’ to look at over the Open Day season before making our decision.  The main point that came up in my meeting the other day was that one of our ‘runner-up’ Schools placed a ‘transition prospectus’ into my daughters book bag, which we then both looked at that evening. It had some lovely quotes from Year 7 students saying “how they enjoyed the change into big school”, it had a welcome message from Year 7 students aimed at Year 5/6 students, it felt so welcoming!


They had included information like school dinners, timetables and a really good FAQ section written by the students at the back.  The brochure also advertised the upcoming June open days nice and early – so they are already pinned up on our calendar.


I have to say that the investment in the Transition prospectus from the School has made me more intrigued for their open day and placed them higher up in my list.


My point, as a mum, being… I can’t help but think a little effort from the School my daughter mentions above would at the very least place them on my radar for the open day sessions in the coming months – what I can’t see, I don’t know, so this is their window of opportunity to attract me and my daughter.  As we know, getting footfall through the door is an all important step – but we will have to see if something appears from the other schools.

Post by Sarah