New prospectus insert booklet delivered for Heanorgate Science College.



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Alongside the full colour prospectus we produce for the College we also update their prospectus insert booklet for them annually, and we are pleased to have delivered this to them in last couple of weeks.

Opting for an annually updated insert booklet allows our client’s prospectus packs to be as up to date as possible. The idea being that the full colour prospectus doesn’t have any key dates or often changeable information in, so we can produce and print them in the bulk numbers best utilising economies of scale.

We often design and produce annual insert booklets in one colour and uncoated stock to allow the project to be cost effective and an economical solution on the smaller ‘yearly’ print run, whilst still looking a professional and quality product. Our clients often include details such as exam results, transport information, staff lists, uniform information etc… information which can, and will, change annually and will save them any re-prints of the more expensive full colour prospectus. We are delighted again with this years insert booklet for Heanorgate and look forward to working with them again soon.

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Heanorgate Science College prospectus.

Post by Trevor