Why print, rather than just online?





In the first of a regular series of articles, we will be discussing the question: why print, rather than just online?

It is a question we get asked a lot here at Lore Creative, and we understand why; as School budgets continue to get squeezed everyone is looking for ways to reduce their costs.   We wanted to take some time to write this article and explain our thoughts and experiences with you…

While it’s true that the digital age is well and truly underway, that doesn’t necessarily mean that online marketing is the only way to expand your brand visibility, and improve your marketing efforts.

At Lore Creative, we find ourselves dealing with elements of “traditional” prospectus brochure design on a regular basis. Why? Because physical, printed design still has value in today’s marketplace.

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In an environment where customers are constantly plagued with new advertisements online, the traditional prospectus or marketing brochure is considered a tangible, yet novel item, which can appeal to more senses than anything online. Whether you’re looking to attract new pupils, appeal to potential new staff, or hoping to simply expand your marketing efforts and improve your reach, supporting your strategy with a printed prospectus is a very popular and proven option. We’re here to tell you that brochure design is still going strong, and managing your offline presence is just as important as building your online brand. Though managing successful online marketing solutions are critical, if you ignore the power of face-to-face, or printed offline design, then you’re holding yourself back from a world of opportunities.


After all, the presence that you create through things like social media, and your website can help to outline you as a credible and reputable establishment. However, if you use digital marketing in combination with other tools, you can potentially earn much greater results.


In short here are some key factors behind printing your marketing efforts (prospectus, newsletters etc..) rather than just providing them online;


– Printed marketing materials boost credibility:

It may sound old-fashioned, but people still expect “real” credible Schools and Businesses to have printed literature. It’s easy to justify spending marketing budget on a credible online presence, but if you want to be ‘employer of choice’ and/or attract new attention to your School, and to show your value, it definitely helps to have the printed proof to back you up.


– Printed Prospectuses are still convenient:

Though we can browse the internet and click through products at our leisure, there’s still something convenient and relaxing about being able to flick through a prospectus without having to go online. A good prospectus design will ensure that your potential pupils, employees, Ofsted, and the local community as a whole, have simple access to the critical details of your School.


– Printed Prospectus design is versatile:

Often, online marketing solutions will include a combination of social media and website-based advertising. Though you can refine the design of websites, and update your social media account regularly, there’s only so much you can do to stand out. Prospectus design, on the other hand, allows you to play with a range of different senses, from touch (different materials), to sight (shapes and colours).


– Print marketing gets attention:

Today’s websites can be beautiful and impressive – particularly if you have the right digital design agency on hand. However, that doesn’t change the fact that sites are skimmed in as little as 15 seconds. To make matters worse, studies show that we read digital text up to 30% slower than printed text. That means readers get bored faster. If you want someone to really soak up your message, printed marketing is still the way to go.


– Brochure design is personal

A prospectus or brochure that can be touched and held often appeals to customers on a deeper, more personal level. From the moment you see it, the resonating benefits of physical brochures are clear. When well-designed and produced, a great prospectus can outline your School’s benefits instantly, and give you something that differentiates you from your competitors.


As some Schools are choosing to ignore the value of printed media, it’s the ones that embrace traditional advertisement and printed literature who earns more customers. Ignoring the age-old benefit of printed prospectuses means limiting your marketing reach, and diminishing your full potential.


If you really want to get ahead of the crowd today, you need to use your physical marketing, right alongside your online efforts. Combined, the two support a stronger, more engaging brand. Want to get started? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help build your brand.

Post by Trevor