Brochure photo shoot time again…





We had a great day on Friday as it was our 2018 brochure photo shoot.  Once a year we post out our own brochure to Schools, Colleges and Academies etc.. throughout England, and the work on this years design has started in earnest now with the photoshoot.  We believe the best way to advertise our services is to let our work do the talking for us, and to let our clients talk about their experiences and share their thoughts on us as a team/company.

At the photo shoot on Friday we gathered together and selected a variety of samples (including one from Beacon Academy showed below) from our 2017 portfolio which we wanted to showcase in our 2018 brochure.  We are really proud of the designs and packs we have created and produced this year and can’t wait to get our new brochure out there for all to see.  It took the day to shoot and we had a lot of fun, but best of all – the shots are brilliant! Work will continue this week on fine tuning our final selection for inclusion.  Contact us if you would like to reserve a copy.

Photo of brochure shoot

Hard at work in the studio

Photo from brochure shoot

Beacon Academy shots

Photo of lighting a brochure photo shoot

Our 2018 Photo Shoot

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