End of April update





Like many other small businesses we are  lucky to be working away as normal here,  all be it with the addition of home schooling, which is enlightening!

As we specialise in working with schools, the extra insight into the complexity of teaching has been an interesting activity for our team. Which has given us to all a heightened appreciation for the sector and our clients … “hats off!” to you all!

We had the two week easter holiday this month where a lot of the team had holidays booked, but time was spent in our gardens instead – thank goodness for the fair weather!

We are pleased to have completed the new narrative for the Djanogly learning trust and have had that signed off by our client and their new website build is going strong.  Next up, is to create the backbone structures of their new branded marketing pieces including; a trust brochure and folder, recruitment brochures and prospectuses – can’t wait to see it all start to come together!

We’ve delivered home schooling lessons including; farmyard maths, WW1 bombing essays, phonics including oo, oo, poo at the zoo(!), made bread, created comic strips about Jesus and jogged our memories on trigonometry.

Continued our designs for the new Windsor Boys School prospectus pack for this Autumn – looking forward to seeing the next stage in the design process.

The work for Learning without Limits Academy Trust has started in earnest this month with the primary focus being the Trust’s new narrative and refined message.  Following on from that has been the initial designs for the new Trust brand which we presented last week and are looking forward to developing these when we receive the client feedback.

We understand that this is a very challenging time for our clients and there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding what the coming months will look like, but please rest assured that we are here and will continue to support each of your needs going forward.

We have had some clients not want to commit to a printed prospectus for this year, so are looking at the cheaper and very popular option of digital/online versions. Some are asking for a new design for their prospectus but for now are reusing existing photography, and some clients are asking us to simply update some of the text and provide them with either a new printed or digital version for the Autumn Term.

Whatever you feel is right for your school we will support you moving forward, just contact us and we’ll have a chat about your options and how to best prepare for the Open day season.

Post by Trevor