Finishing touches for School Community Brochure





We are merrily adding the finishing touches to a School Community Brochure for Leicester Grammar School this week.

The idea of the brochure is to showcase all of the fantastic work the School does within the local community, and to be proud of their achievements.

The community brochure includes; lots of brilliant photos taken during events, information on charitable projects, loads of interesting facts and figures of money raised, exciting stories of achievements and challenges; its a brilliant read to see just how much they get up to! and its a great way for the community to know and understand more about Leicester Grammar School and it’s students.

If you would be interested to know more about a possible community brochure for your School/Academy please do not hesitate to get in contact with us on 0845 879 7332 or via our Contact Us page on our website here. Please see here for more projects for Leicester Grammar School


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