New Sixth Form prospectus for Haverstock School

We are delighted to be delivering the new Sixth Form prospectus for Haverstock School today.  We have enjoyed working closely with the team at Haverstock to fine tune the School logo and design a new fresh, modern and clean look to their new marketing material.

We started work on this project back in June and our first job was to take the brief and get the studio working on creating some initial design ideas.  We successfully managed a split two day photo shoot to accommodate the Sixth Formers and their exam leave.  Our team continued work on the new prospectuses (Main School and Post 16) over summer with a view to delivering the main School prospectus mid September and the Post 16 end of October.

Here at Lore we are thoroughly pleased with the outcome and the look of the new package, and happy to report that the School are too…

“It was a pleasure working with you and the Lore team. You made everything flow smoothly; you were always calm, unflappable and charming under pressure; and you delivered exactly what we’d hoped for – with a cherry on top!”

Haverstock School.

Post by Lore Creative