PR for Schools

Here are two items (of the many) we have delivered to our clients this week that fall under the PR for Schools category here at Lore Creative.

It is true that we specialise in prospectus and website design but increasingly important in todays market are all the extra PR and branded items that increase a School’s reach and brand visibility.

The first image is a gloss postcard which we have been producing every two years for Archway School; we updated the cover design with new photos, with the reverse remaining the same. the Head and his staff use these cards to write personal comments home to the students/parents about particular achievements and successes – something nice for the parents to pin up as a valued memento!

The second photo (below) is a great marketing tool we have created for Twickenham this year; an Ofsted promotional leaflet.  They are celebrating some great Ofsted comments from the most recent inspection. Athough these appeared throughout the new prospectus pack we wanted to find a way to promote this further within their local community.  These were printed on a thicker stock for a quality feel and showcase their Ofsted comments; these are now being distributed in local estate agents, Doctors Surgeries, community centres etc…

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Post by Trevor