About Us


Supporting schools, colleges, and trusts with honest marketing and design expertise and fantastic customer service.


Lore Creative started in 2009 as a friendly, affordable design agency for schools, colleges, and trusts.


​We’re still friendly and affordable, but we’re even more experienced now and offer a full range of services for all your school marketing, branding, advertising, photography, and website design needs.



Each project is unique to the school and team involved, so we take time in our initial meeting with you to discuss what is best for you and how you would like the project to run to suit your schedule.

To give you a feel for how we work and what to expect, here’s an example process with our Account Director, Sarah, leading the project.

Research & Planning

After project contact and selection, Sarah will come to you to discuss project timings, further design ideas, and specifics. From here Sarah briefs our designer who starts work on initial concepts.

Presenting Concepts


Sarah presents the concepts to you and you’ll discuss likes and dislikes and refine concept ideas into the route we’ll follow.

Planning Your Photoshoot


Next, we’ll schedule in the photo shoot and plan the shoot day, where Sarah will assist with lots of ideas and possible scenarios to choose from.


Reviewing Photos & Artwork


After the shoot, Sarah will return with all the photo thumbnails from the shoot and the revised prospectus draft for your perusal. You can select the images you want to feature and keep all the rest for your own use.

Finalisation & Delivery

Once you’re happy with the final photos and artwork drafts, we’ll get it all signed off and sent to print and you can expect delivery a couple of weeks later.


Our Team


Small but mighty experienced!


Led by Sarah and Trevor, we’re a team of dedicated creative professionals, who have bags of experience in supporting schools, trusts, colleges and educational establishments. We really love what we do and bring our broad range of experience to each of our projects, as needed, so it stays cost-effective for you.

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