Wyken Croft Primary School

Creation and roll-out of a new visual interpretation of the school’s Vision and Values.

Wyken Croft Primary School wanted their written school Vision and Values to be brought to life visually around the school. They asked us to take their text and create a visual brand style that would speak to their pupils, staff, visitors and community. We took these and started to create concepts of how we could visualise elements to make them enticing and interesting through their new internal branding. We created a main graphic that could be used online, on-site and also in their internal and external communications (recruitment packs, presentations etc.). Using the bright colours and icons for each value, we designed themed posters and wall graphics for stairwells and corridors, ensuring the new style was ‘singing’ all aspects around the school. Once we’d installed all the new internal branding, we also supplied the school with electronic files for each of the designs so they could use them in-house; establishing a consistent approach to their new brand.

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