Scheduling your project

Thinking about a new prospectus/video/website for the Autumn term and Open days?  If so we hope this post might be of use to you.

We had a meeting recently with a Secondary Academy going out to tender for a design of new Academy prospectuses, and I visited them last week to talk them through and show some samples of our work and explain why Lore Creative could be a good fit for them.

Once we had spent some time discussing samples and the design of various prospectus packs the conversation turned to more of the project specifics; mainly looking at timings, deadlines and the overall plan of ‘how best to plan for a new school prospectus’ and we thought that other Schools may find this of interest and therefore wanted to share this with you.

This is how we, at Lore Creative, best organise a new school prospectus project.  We tailor make each project schedule to each client, so there will of course be variations of this, but as a sample (for ###School with Sarah as the lead) this is what we would suggest…

Activity to take place Suggested Date
Sarah to visit ###School to show portfolio and discuss processes and sample timings and costs. Mid May
If Lore Creative commissioned and chosen for the project  
Sarah to visit ###School to discuss design, content and photography ideas, likes and dislikes. End of May
Sarah to visit ###School to present our initial design concepts for the new prospectus and conduct a photo shoot recon (highlighting key areas to shoot) Early June
Photographer and Sarah at ###School for photo shoot. Sarah to bring along revised prospectus Design ideas Mid June
###School to email Lore the Initial text copy for the prospectus Mid June
Sarah to present full design mock-up and all the photographs from the shoot Late June
###School to communicate any design/text alterations for Lore to make to the prospectus design Late June
Designs to go back and forth between ###School and LC Early July
###School to sign off Prospectus ready for print By End of Summer Term.
Delivery of new prospectuses w/c 22nd August or Early Sept.

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