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Is your School marketing plan in place for this year?


With the new term in full swing, we wanted to focus this article on some information for when it comes to marketing your school; from advertisements to prospectuses, and from banners to videos we cover it all here at Lore Creative.
We recently took on a new School that was looking for an Agency to help them raise their profile in their local community and beyond. Despite a challenging time through Covid, the School had continued to spend time working on their internal policies and really moving the School in a positive direction.

The School wanted to change the community’s historical perceptions and acknowledged that the way to do this was to communicate everything more effectively to them.  We were brought on board to help the School ‘shout about their achievements’ and get the community onboard and understand the huge advances that had been made and were continuing to happen.

This is something we see quite often here at Lore Creative; our clients are so focused on the internal day to day running of the School (and rightly so), it often gets overseen that the internal efforts should be made externally known too!
Creating a buzz and excitement to your marketing is also key to increasing and guaranteeing a good footfall at any of your events.  This can come in many forms:

• Professionally designed press adverts
• Fresh photography
• Video teasers on your website
• A new prospectus launch
• Larger scale billboard and bus shelter advertising
• Branded banners
• Personalised invitations sent through the post or email
• Postcard invites distributed at local community ‘hot spots’, for example – Doctors surgeries, housing development site offices, village halls etc.

It is also worth considering the aesthetics of the events; how does the reception area look?, is the signage all in place and clear to follow, is the entrance welcoming and the school hall decorated to show the School in its best light? (i.e. plenty of colourful banners and photos highlighting key words associated to your School).  We can help with all these elements, and would be happy to advise you on a suitable approach for your site.

Once the scene is set, the online and/or printed literature and presentation pack can be used to full effect.  The prospectus can act as a showcase piece, the glossy brochure that allows your audience to view a selection of photos and text that illustrate your best offerings to them.  The key trend is to keep the text short in the prospectus, and somewhat timeless, and then support this document with your online presence.

All of these elements when done correctly help to promote and portray your brand to your audience; it creates that all important great first impression, shows you are proud of your environment, your team, your pupils and your achievements. 

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