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Website Scheduling/Planning session


I thoroughly enjoyed myself yesterday meeting with one of our clients, it was an initial website planning session. With calendars out and at the ready, we wanted to work out how the next few months look as we planned the launch of the new school website in the summer term.

We find that the best place to start is to work backwards; the summer half term break is our client’s desired launch date of their new website.

I thought it might be helpful to publish the draft schedule we have agreed upon to illustrate how we look at a new school website design and build.

Phase One: Early March 21

• Initial meeting held to present preliminary design ideas for the new look and style of the website, followed by a further meeting to present the revised final website design.

Phase Two: End March / Early April 21

• Design of site theme, look and feel, content layout, fonts etc. agreed
• Development of navigation scheme.
• Content discussed, Headers agreed, Lore to email over sitemap draft
• Review and approval of revised mock-ups / site map / layout.

Phase Three: Early / Mid May 21

• Finalisation of site map site organization, final preparations for construction Primary content placement (ipsum + images)
• Photo shoot conducted to capture new, up-to-date photography
• Incorporation of any new material including images, text and components of the general website design.
• All final text copy to be supplied by end of first week in May.

Phase Four: Mid – End May 21

• Testing: links, forms and emails tested to make sure that they work effectively.
• Present your site to you for review and approval, week before half term.
• Make additional revisions & adjustments where necessary.
• Sign off of site on test server. Files that constitute the site will be transferred to our web host on the hosting plan that you have purchased.
• Live date: first Friday of term break.

Here are some of our recent new school websites for reference:

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