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Prospectus text and themes to consider


Writing the copy for any new piece of marketing is always slightly daunting and we often get asked by our clients how they should go about structuring it, where to start, what needs to be included and many other thought provoking questions.  Each of our clients and projects need a slightly different approach, therefore, sadly , there is no one right answer, but we wanted to write this article as a helpful starting point, for anyone wondering about text and themes for a prospectus.

Over the years we have seen many different approaches taken to prospectus text and contents; some keeping a more traditional format titling spreads such as ‘The School and The Curriculum’ to more modern approaches titling “Imagination and Opportunity”. We work with each of our clients to help them find the right approach for them.

In the past, Ofsted dictated that certain pieces of information needed to be present in a prospectuses pack and that made them more of an informative brochure/handbook, but now the situation is rather different. There are stipulations as to what information now needs to be present on your School website but its left prospectuses as more ‘open’ documents.
We know that prospectuses can add to a School’s increasingly tight budget so a way to help minimise annual bills is to look at now designing and printing a prospectus that lasts between two and three years. As the annual information is no longer required by Ofsted this gives a freedom to the text and allows you to include less copy and keep the tone general.
A School’s prospectus should now act as it’s showcase piece; it should be striking and eye catching, not include too many words; it should be punchy and positive with large photos speaking hundreds of words for themselves.

Each spread in the prospectus should have a punchy headline; something that interests your audience and grabs their attention. The body copy should then follow with your USP’s, services and solutions. It is key to try and keep text as an overview of the theme of the spread. Key data, policies or specific information can be found on the website, so use the prospectus as a stylized offering of the School’s best side and provide a ‘call to action’ for your target audience.

Themes for prospectuses can take many forms, here are a few ideas:

The more traditional Titles/Headlines

• Welcome from the Headteacher
• School Aims
• Our Community
• The Curriculum
• Extra-Curricular Activities

Inspirational Titles/Headlines

• A warm welcome
• Believing in our School
• Challenging ourselves
• Being the best we can be
• Achieving together

Inquisitive Titles; Headlines that ask questions

• What can we offer you and your Child?
• What do we aim for and strive to achieve?
• How do we reach our potential?
• How do we deliver our aim of ‘all round education’?
• How do we prepare you for the next steps?

Informative one word Titles

• Introduction
• Approach
• Environment
• Learning
• Partnerships

Inclusive Titles

• Welcome from us all
• Our Values
• Our Opportunities
• Learning with us
• Supported by us

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